Scarlett transitioned 10 years ago and has a GRC, legally defining her as a woman. Scarlett needed to flee an abusive relationship after her partner hospitalised her for a 3rd time. 5 refuges refused her entrance, on the grounds that they were a ‘single-sex’ provision. Scarlett was offered temporary accommodation in a homeless hostel which was full of cisgender men. She knew she couldn’t stay there so she ended up sleeping on the streets for 3 weeks. Scarlet continued to suffer harassment and abuse on the streets, her support came from Shelter. Shelter made a referral to the Loving me service and Scarlett was offered immediate safe house accommodation and support.

Scarlett has been in the safe house for 7 weeks and has recently with the support from the Loving Me team secured accommodation with the local social housing provider. Scarlett continues to receive regular support, including therapeutic support, safety planning, legal support and move on.

When asked how she would define the service she received, Scarlett said ” I know I wouldn’t be alive today without this service. I was tired, so tired of all the hate, I was tired of the abuse and I now know that somewhere inside I had accepted being treated that way. I was with my partner for a long time and thanks to Loving Me, I now understand that He was abusive. I just don’t think I cared enough about myself, I was grateful just to have someone. I,m not there yet, but I,m safe now and I,m being helped to work through what has happened to me. The team are incredible, I feel like I always have someone on my side now”.

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