Charlie identifies as trans masculine and non-binary.

Charlie was at a party with friends and believes that their drink was spiked with GHB. Charlie woke up in the morning with pain and was bleeding heavily. They had no recollection of events.

Charlie was in shock and was scared. Charlie told their best friend and she suggested that they went to the police to contact the SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) centre. Charlie refused to go to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) due to dysphoria surrounding their body. Their dysphoria, as a result of the sexual assault, was severe. They didn’t go to the police as there was also a fear about how they would be treated by public services.

Charlies friend contacted Loving Me and Charlie felt able to discuss what had happened openly, including their fear of the SARC and Police. The worker already had a relationship with the SARC and was able to advocate on Charlies behalf. The Loving Me worker spoke to the police and the SARC and supported Charlie to access the services. Charlie made the report and was assessed at the SARC, DNA evidence was retrieved which later on provided the evidence to convict two people who had already been previously convicted of rape and sexual assault.

Charlie also received specialist counselling from the SARC, legal support from loving me and HIV prevention medication. Charlie described the service as “Essential! There would be no way I would have reported without the support from Loving Me. I have to say that the police and the SARC were also very supportive”.

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