Intimate partner violence (IPV) is defined in different ways over different organisations. At Loving Me! We define IPV as “physical violence, sexual violence, threats of physical or sexual violence, stalking, and psychological aggression (including coercive tactics) by a current or former intimate partner”.

Who is an intimate partner?

Intimate partners can include current or former legal or common-law spouses or domestic partners, boyfriends, or girlfriends, dating partners, or ongoing sexual partners. Regardless of current relationship status, victims, and perpetrators with a child in common are considered intimate partners.

For more information on the different types of abuse, please see out ‘what is abuse?’ page.

Anyone forced to alter their behaviour because they are frightened of their partner’s reaction is being abused. 

If you are experiencing abuse or if you do not know, and want to check your risk level, please follow the link below. Even though this assessment is extensive it may not give a full picture of how you are experiencing abuse. If you still believe you need help please do not hesitate to fill out our self-referral form on the ‘start a referral’ page. Extra resources are also available in the ‘Get support’ tab.