What does Loving me do?

Loving me! Is a charitable organisation based in the UK which aims to create a safe space for Trans and Non-Binary survivors of Domestic abuse to access and receive support and advocacy. We are a by-and-for organisation and are made up of Trans, Non-binary and Cisgender staff.

Get Involved

I represent an organisation – How can I help?

Loving Me! is managed by The Emily Davison centre (WAWG centre in Lancashire) and works in partnership with Paladin (National stalking advocacy service) and we would love for you to join us. If you would like to find out more on our organisation or spread awareness of our organisation, please contact

Making a donation

How can I make a donation?

We have a PayPal sent up for any donations you would like to make towards our mission, all proceeds will go directly into funding for more opportunities for workers to provide support for more TNB people in the UK.