What we do

We provide one-to-one online support and advocacy for Transgender (Trans), Gender Queer (GQ) and Non-Binary (NB) victims of domestic abuse who are over 18. This service provides high quality professional support by trained specialists who understand the specific needs of the community. Visit our ‘About’ for more information.

What is Risk?

At Loving me we take a risk led approach to domestic abuse, right now 100’000 people in England and wales are at risk of begin seriously harmed or murdered by their partner. Although there is little research into TNB DV in the UK a large study evidenced that Trans women were five times more likely than cis women to have experienced physical or sexual intimate partner violence in the last year.

            Due to this and the lack of current support available to TNB people we believe that those at the greatest risk of serious harm and injury due to DA, should get urgent help. This means that every victim at high risk should have a dedicated DV professional supporting and advocating for them to become safe and well. And it means frontline services must work together to support and protect them and their family.

How do we know this approach works?

            As part of our service our team works closely with The Emily Davison Centre, the first EVAWG Hub in the UK and as evidenced by this partnership we have found that:

  • Incidents of high severity harm reduced by over 70%
  • Over 50% of survivors said they felt much safer
  • Over 80% of survivors said their quality of life had improved.



Loving me offers one to one support for Transgender (Trans), Non-Binary (NB) and Gender Fluid (GF) victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.



Loving me is aware of the issues Transgender (Trans), Non-Binary (NB) and Gender Queer (GQ) people face when accessing single sex services. This is why we provide advocacy for our service users.



We support our clients to make decisions that are best for them at the time. We make sure our clients are confident with their choices and provide support in order for them to make these decisions.